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Research investment ensures sustainability

Alberta Pork provides significant financial support for research projects to promote environmental sustainability of our farms, our industry and our communities. Support for research is provided in the following areas:

Production Quality:

Broad–based production research at the farm level, including pig nutrition, reproduction, health and disease.

Animal Care:

Ensuring proper animal care and well being.

Food Safety and Food Quality:

Providing consumers with a high quality, wholesome pork product.


Research to ensure objective assessments of the effects of the industry on air, water and soil quality.

The main research institutions that Alberta Pork has worked with and funded projects are the following:

University of Alberta  Swine Research and Technology Centre

Prairie Swine Centre Inc.

Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO)

Lacombe Research Station (AAFC)

University of Calgary

Alberta Research Council


Committee Structure:

Alberta Pork's Producer Research Committee periodically meets with its research partners to ensure that producers' needs are identified and satisfied.  This ongoing process has created an understanding of the funding that each institution requires to be most effective.This process also leads to mutually agreeable research plans, greater collaboration between researchers and more effective projects.

Funding Consortium:

In late 2004, Alberta Pork joined the Agriculture Funding Consortium in Alberta, which includes the Alberta Livestock Industry Development Fund, plus other funding agencies and other agricultural commodity organizations.

Members of the Funding Consortium make use of a one window approach to research funding through a process using a single researcher application format to improve the overall cost efficiency for all involved.

Information on this new approach to research through the Funding Consortium can be obtained on the Alberta Livestock Industry Development Fund website at