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Edible Residual Material

CQA Notice - Regulatory Change Eliminates Edible Residual Material Permits

On February 20, 2008, a regulatory amendment to the Health of Animals Regulations came into force prohibiting the feeding of meat and meat by-products to swine and poultry. This amendment eliminates ERM permits.

Edible residual materials are those products that remain after or are not used in the manufacture or processing of food. The Health of Animals Regulations had included a section that allowed for a permitting system when meat or meat products were being fed to swine and poultry. In 2001, following the foot and mouth disease outbreak in the United Kingdom, the ERM permit prohibited the feeding of meat or related materials or products that had come in to contact with meat as an ERM. At that time, CFIA continued to issue ERM permits for non-meat products.

With the implementation of these changes, any ingredient including those previously considered ERM, that is sold for use as a livestock feed or used in the manufacture of a medicated livestock feed on farm must be an approved feed ingredient (Feeds Regulations, Schedules IV and V). Some by-products of food processing are already identified in Schedule IV.

The intended purpose of the ERM permit was as a disease control measure, with particular attention to feed products which can be an important source of pathogens i.e. meat. The current regulatory change places the prohibition to feed meat and meat  byproducts directly in regulation, thereby eliminating the need for ERM permits. This amendment eliminates an unnecessary permitting system. The Feeds Act and Regulations are concerned with the import, manufacture and sale of feeds, as well as feed safety issues. Some alternative feed options may therefore be regulated under the Feeds Act and Regulations.

ERM permits are no longer being issued and those permits that were in effect have been terminated.

As a result, question 8 of the On-Farm Quality Assessment Form is no longer applicable. Please note that in the course of CQA validations, this question will no longer be evaluated and will be indicated as N/A on the Validation Report.

The CQA Technical Working Group will review the regulatory amendment and determine how or if question 8 will be replaced. Producers and validators will be notified of any further changes.

Please contact your provincial CQA coordinator if you have any questions related to this change.

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